Our Philosophy


Moyi Moyi offers a collection of bags that explore the frontiers between Scandinavian simplicity and African craftsmanship.

Designed in Stockholm, we partner with master artisans in Nigeria and Ethiopia, blending our modern style with their time-tested techniques. This partnership is the foundation of Moyi Moyi’s philosophy combining design, sustainability, premium quality materials and classic style.



Premium Materials


Moyi Moyi exclusively uses premium leather from Ethiopia and Nigeria. We strive to use vegetable tanned or semi-vegetable tanned leather as it gives the leather distinctive characteristics as well as being the most environmentally friendly. Each item is handcrafted to provide you with individual uniqueness to fit your own personal style.



Doing Good


Artisanship and transparency are at the heart of our business model. The leather used to craft our bags is sourced from local tanneries to maximize the local economic impact and support local businesses. The location of our business creates jobs in regions where sustainable employment opportunities are needed. By limiting the number of middlemen we are able to offer hand-made goods that are crafted with the highest quality at reasonable prices.

For us it’s simple. We want to create leather goods that you can wear and feel good about.







Having traveled in Nigeria and Ethiopia, Jenny Nordlöw has partnered with skillful artisans dedicated in making premium products that are easy on the environment.

By combining premium artisanship with her sustainability philosophy, Jenny has found a way to deliver fashion without worry.